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Legal Expertise When You Need to Win

Robert Boucher is an experienced trial lawyer known for his hands-on approach to each client’s case. RB is widely recognized in the community as a true trial attorney, a label he not only claims but continuously demonstrates by boldly battling for clients in challenging situations that frequently lead to trial. This has resulted in a wide array of experience in civil litigation and trial practice, covering Illinois’ state and federal courts, as well as other jurisdictions.

Why Choose Our Legal Services


Expertise and Legal Knowledge

Robert Boucher has the knowledge and experience to successfully negotiate challenging legal frameworks, decipher complex rules, and devise winning strategies. ​

Strong Advocacy and Negotiation

RB wields robust advocacy, adept negotiation, and skillful handling of personal injury claims, ensuring clients' rights, interests, and fair compensation.

Strategic Case Management

Robert Boucher's adept strategic case management, meticulous evidence gathering, and compelling defense strategies are crucial safeguards for protecting the rights and reputation of the accused in criminal defense cases.

Practice Areas

Comprehensive Legal Advocacy: Defending Rights, Resolving Cases, Ensuring Justice

Serious Personal Injury

Serious Personal Injury

Relentless advocate for clients who have suffered catastrophic personal injuries, pursuing the compensation they deserve while offering steadfast support throughout their recovery process.

Workers Compensation

Workers' Compensation

Guiding injured workers through the complexities of the legal process, tenaciously securing rightful worker's compensation benefits, ensuring their well-being and financial stability.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

In the field of criminal defense, RB is a steadfast defender of clients' constitutional rights, applying strategic experience to navigate complex legal proceedings and win fair and equitable outcomes.

DUI Defense

DUI Defense

With a resolute focus on DUI defense, RB safeguards clients' rights by employing a strategic and informed approach, striving for optimal resolutions and minimized consequences.

What Our Clients Say

Grateful for the legal expertise! Robert Boucher got my DUI charges dropped. His legal prowess and dedication made all the difference in my case.
Brian J.
Morton, IL
Exceptional legal support during my injury journey. RB secured the compensation I needed, alleviating financial stress. Grateful for all of the compassion and tenacity in pursuing justice.
Amber F.
East Peoria, IL
An appropriate worker's compensation settlement was awarded to me that resulted in a fair reimbursement for my accident, alleviating some enormous financial obligations.
Tracy S.
Peoria, IL